Dunfermline Computer RepairsDunfermline Computer Repairs by Duloch Computers.  We know how frustrating it can be if your computer lets you down.  We also know how difficult it is choosing the right company to fix your beloved machine.  At Duloch Computers we offer a reliable service where your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We have built up a loyal customer base and use plain English when discussing any issues with your machine.

Many people’s biggest concern is their files.  All those holiday photos and music files are important to them.  We ensure that, prior to any repair, your data is backed up onto one of our systems.  Once the repair is complete and you are completely satisfied then the backup is deleted.

Our charges are as low as we can make them.  For repairs of up to one hour we charge £25.  If the repair is likely to take longer then the maximum you will pay is £40. (These figures do not include the cost of parts).

We can carry out a range of repairs including:

  • laptop screen replacement
  • laptop keyboard replacement
  • virus removal
  • windows re-installation
  • hard drive replacement

Should you wish to upgrade components in your computer we can do that as well.  We are happy to advise on the parts you need and can source and fit them for you for a pre-agreed fee.

We can also compile insurance claim reports.

Want some more information on Dunfermline Computer Repairs?  Call us on 07843437222 or 01383 844824 for more information.  We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to take references from previous customers then please get in touch.

Dunfermline Computer Repairs?  Call in the experts!!