Fife Computer Virus RemovalFife Computer Virus Removal by Duloch Computers

Is your machine:

  • Running very slowly
  • Not responding to your keyboard or mouse instructions
  • Doing strange things?

It could be your machine has a virus or spyware infection.  At Duloch Computers we offer a comprehensive virus and spyware removal service.  We try to identify the infection and then remove it from your machine.  If you think your machine is infected we recommend that you get it seen as soon as possible and refrain from using it until it has been checked.

Sometimes the virus or spyware infection is impossible to remove.  In that case we recommend a full operating system re-install to be 100% sure that the infection has been removed.  Prior to doing the re-install we backup your data to ensure you lose nothing.

Fife Computer Virus Removal – Protecting Your Machine from Infection

The number one threat to your computer is either a virus or spyware infection.  Simple measures can be taken to ensure your machine is protected including:

  • installing anti-virus software and keeping it up to date
  • opening emails from people you know
  • visiting trusted websites and not allowing any to install software on your computer

There are a number of manufacturers of anti-virus software including Norton and AVG.  Some will require you to pay an annual subscription and some are free of charge for home / personal use.  At Duloch Computers we currently recommend Microsoft Security Essentials.  It is free to use and available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.  If you have a Windows 8 machine it already comes with it installed.