Google Apps for Business are a series of tools designed to help your business.  All of the tools run from within a web-browser or via a range of apps for your smartphone.  Google Apps for Business includes the following tools:

  • Gmail (E-Mail)
  • Google Talk
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs (Word Processor, Presentation, Spreadsheet)
  • Google Sites (Websites)

Google will even allow you to migrate your company website over to them.  Sadly there is a small charge per account these days of just under £3 per month but it is more than worth it.

We have moved several small businesses over to Google Apps for Business and they are seeing the benefits.  The do not have to manage their own e-mail server and there is no need to purchase Microsoft Office licences.  Integration with smartphones and tablets also means you can take your stuff with you while you move around.  Google also give you 5GB of storage per account that can be upgraded when you need more space.


Moving to Google Apps for Business brings a range of collaboration tools to your business.  Multiple people can work on the same document, chatting through it using Google Talk.  Meetings can be organised and invitations sent.  Google Apps for Business is scalable as well.  It grows as your business does.  Google Docs will read and write to most of the common file types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF).

If you want to talk to us about Google Apps for Business for your company please call 07843437222 or email