Home Broadband SetupHome Broadband Setup – New Installation

You are reading this because you are struggling to setup your home broadband.  The box from your internet provider has arrived and is sitting in the corner making faces at you.  Duloch Computers will come out and carry out a comprehensive home broadband setup at a time convenient to you.

We will make sure your router is positioned in the best possible place to ensure your house is fully covered by the wireless signal.  Our home broadband setup will also include a mini PC health check for one of your computers.  If your machines do not have anti-virus software then we can install some to make sure you are protected.

If you are looking for advice on choosing the correct Internet Service Provider then we call also help.  Call us on 07843437222 or email info@dulochcomputers.co.uk

Home Broadband Setup – Wireless Network Extension

If you have noticed that your wireless signal is not present across the whole of your house then we can advise on ways to increase the range.  Sometimes simply moving the router is enough to do the job, other times extra kit is required.  Duloch Computers can come to you and ensure that the wireless part of your home broadband setup is working properly and if not we can make changes to make sure it does.

Home Broadband Setup – Troubleshooting and Fault Finding

If you are having connection problems with your home broadband setup then give Duloch Computers a call on 07843437222 and we can come to you to see what is going wrong.  Did you know that all sorts of devices in the home can cause problems with your connection?  We have been fault finding for years and can identify the issues with most faulty home broadband setups very quickly.  Sometimes the fault is with your Internet Service Provider and so they will need to be contacted.