Operating System Re-installIf your computer has a serious virus problem or has become slower over the months and years then an operating system re-install is the correct way forward to give you back a fully functioning computer.

The Duloch Computers process is simple.  We charge a flat fee of £50 for the process.  The stages are as follows:

  1. Backup any files you have on the computer at present.  Even if your machine won’t start due to problems with Windows, we can retrieve your data.  We can recover your precious documents, music, photographs, favourites and email.  We do not backup any installed software.
  2. Reinstall your operating system from the recovery partition if it is available.  If not we use the DVD you supply.
  3. We run your freshly installed operating system through Windows Update to ensure it has the latest updates from Microsoft installed.
  4. We install AVG anti-virus software (unless you specify another package and provide the required information).
  5. Finally we restore your backed up data and return the machine to you.
If you require your printer setup or any software to be installed when we return it then a small charge may be added to your bill.
Some companies add an additional charge if they need to back your data up.  At Duloch Computers we do it as part of the process and there is no additional payment for it.

No installation disk?

It happens quite alot.  Particularly as many manufacturers supply the operating system as a recovery partition on the hard drive.  If your hard drive fails you lose the recovery partition.  As long as you have the licence key (ususally stuck onto the case) we can install the correct operating system.  At present we have installation media for:

  • Windows XP (Home & Professional)
  • Windows Vista (Basic & Home Premium)
  • Windows 7 (Starter and Home Premium)
If yours is not listed then we can try and source the correct media for you.

Call us on 07843437222 or email info@dulochcomputers.co.uk for more information or to arrange a repair.