PC Health CheckAfter a while your computer will begin to show signs of its age.  It may be a few years old, it may be only a few months old.  Daily use can clog it up with temporary files, spyware, applications that are no longer needed, and windows updates that need done.  If you would like us to perform a PC health check on your machine then please get in touch.  Our PC Health check service is both comprehensive and inexpensive.  It includes the following:

  • Installing all windows updates direct from Microsoft.
  • Clearing out temporary files that are generated when you surf the web.
  • Running a check on the computer for spyware and other rouge pieces of software.
  • Updating your applications including Adobe Reader, Flash and iTunes.

If during the PC Health check we uncover any serious problems then we will advise you of them.  If your anti-virus subscription has expired then we can advise on a number of alternatives that are available.  All of our PC Health Checks come with a final report and any recommendations.

Our PC Health Check service is £35.

If you would like to speak to someone about this service call 01383 844824 or 07843437222.  You can also email info@dulochcomputers.co.uk for more information.

All computers that come in for any kind of repair will be given a mini PC Health Check free of charge.